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The Face

behind the design

With almost two decades of experience leading design teams, I’ve honed my skills in blending creativity with business strategy.

From leading design and marketing efforts at Tomitribe to managing creative teams at ZeroTurnaround and rocking the role of Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, I’ve worn many hats. This mix of experiences has given me the flexibility to handle all sorts of challenges and come up with solutions. Whether it’s crafting killer brand identities, cooking up captivating content, or whipping together user-friendly interfaces, I’ve got your back.

But hey, I’m not just about work. When I’m not busy crafting killer strategies, you can find me traveling around the globe, spending quality time with the fam, or channeling my inner Bob Ross with some hilariously quirky paintings Oh, and did I mention I dabble in furniture making? Because, you know, why not add some DIY magic to the mix?

So, if you’re ready for new best friend for your brand, let’s chat

Awards & Nominations

  • Gold Young Lions competition Czech Republic: 1st place Category: “Film”
  • Bronze – Rainbow Marble: Konto Bariery – Category: “Radio”
  • Bronze- Rainbow Marble: Konto Bariery – Category: “Advertising for good”
  • Shortlist : Festivalu Golden Hammer: Category: “TV Spot”