The Project

Overview & Concept

Invia Travel Agencies, a renowned name in the travel industry, has long been known for its exceptional customer service and personalized travel experiences. However, in today’s digital age, the demand for online solutions is ever-increasing. Recognizing this trend, the concept for an Invia Travel Agencies Web application was born.

The goal of this project was to present Invia with a vision of how their brand could seamlessly transition into the digital realm, offering customers the convenience of planning and booking their travels online. By creating a user-friendly and visually appealing web application, Invia could expand its reach, attract a broader audience, and stay ahead of the competition.




Travel App Design Concept


Deliver a travel application concept that incorporates Invia’s branding but with the freedom to expand the look to be scalable for the future. 


Travel App Concept


Execution & Outcome

The execution of the Invia Travel Agencies Web application concept involved meticulous planning, design, and development to ensure a smooth user experience and alignment with the brand’s values. The application featured intuitive navigation, robust search functionalities, and secure booking processes, all tailored to meet the needs of modern travelers.

Despite the project not being accepted, the outcome was far from insignificant. The proposed web application showcased a solid user experience that would have undoubtedly enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, it demonstrated Invia’s willingness to adapt to changing consumer preferences and embrace technology to stay relevant in the market.

While the application may not have come to fruition immediately, its scalable design and forward-thinking approach laid a foundation for Invia to explore online solutions in the future. By leveraging the insights gained from this concept, Invia can continue to evolve its brand and offerings to meet the demands of the digital era, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for travelers worldwide.