The Project

Overview & Concept

Tasked with promoting the unparalleled capabilities of Hyster products, our challenge was to creatively showcase how their equipment makes any job easy and unstoppable. In response, I conceptualized the idea of “Unlimited Abilities,” emphasizing the freedom and flexibility their products offer. With Hyster, the concept conveys, you can move anything, any way you want. The direction focuses on injecting a sense of fun and visual excitement into the message, making it engaging and memorable.

The core concept revolves around demonstrating that with Hyster products, no task is too challenging. “Unlimited Abilities” highlights the versatility and adaptability of their equipment, emphasizing users’ capability to move anything effortlessly in any direction. This imaginative approach not only communicates the technical prowess of Hyster products but also adds a playful and visually dynamic element to the brand message.




Unlimited Abilities


Concept/ Idea, Print Ads, Billboards & Auto wraps 


Execution & Outcome

The outcome is a campaign that not only promotes Hyster products but also leaves a lasting impression on the audience. By effectively conveying the message of unlimited capabilities, the project achieved its goal of showcasing the brand as a powerful solution for diverse material handling needs.