The Project

Overview & Concept

Creating a promotional campaign for KONTO BARIERY, a foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of our handicapped citizens, our mission was to highlight the harmonious integration of handicapped and non-handicapped individuals in a workplace. We conceived “Everyone’s Seat Holds Equal Value” to emphasize each individual’s equal contribution and value, fostering inclusivity and quality within the team. The core concept showcased seamless integration, illustrating shared experiences and contributions. The commercial portrayed a typical office day, subtly communicating that, irrespective of physical abilities, the day’s end recognizes the true value of each person’s work.


Konto Bariery


Konto Bariery “Everyone’s Seat Holds Equal Value.”


Concept/ Idea, Print Ads & Commercial


Art Director: Ryan St. James
Copy Writer: Lukas Hvozdecká


Execution & Outcome

The client’s overwhelming satisfaction with the concept led to A ” Gold Young Lions Czech Republic” and 5 other awards but also the expansion of the campaign beyond the initial TV spot. The heartwarming TV commercial captured the essence of “Everyone’s Seat Holds Equal Value,” showcasing the seamless collaboration of handicapped and non-handicapped individuals in a workplace.

The outcome of this multifaceted campaign was not just a promotion of the foundation’s cause but a powerful message about unity and equality in the workplace. The success of the project lies in its ability to inspire positive change and foster a culture of inclusivity, leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and the foundation’s mission.


Gold – Young Lions Czech Republic: Category: “Tv Spot”
Shortlist – Golden Hammer Festival Category: “Tv Spot”
Bronze – Louskacek (Nutcracker) Advertising Competition: Category: “Radio”
Bronze – Rainbow Marble : Category: “Advertising For Good”
Bronze – Rainbow Marble : Category: “Radio”