The Project

Overview & Concept

St. James Physical Therapy, a cherished family-run clinic with over three decades of service, sought a fresh branding approach to honor its legacy of compassionate care. Founded by Dennis R St. James, the clinic has long been a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to overcome injuries and reclaim their lives. With Dennis’s son, Justin, joining the practice, the need for updated branding became apparent to reflect their shared commitment to healing.

The concept embraced the family bond between Dennis and Justin, symbolizing their collaborative approach to patient care. The idea of overlapping hands, representing the two therapists enveloping a patient, conveyed a sense of unity and support. This vision informed the development of a new logo and branding strategy characterized by light, uplifting colors that departed from traditional “doctor colors,” fostering an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.


St. James Physical Therapy


360 Branding


Corporate Identity, logo, colors and website

St. James Physical Therapy



Execution & Outcome

In executing the project, we meticulously translated the concept into a cohesive branding identity that captured the essence of St. James Physical Therapy. The new logo featured overlapping hands, symbolizing the collective effort of Dennis, Justin, and their patients in the journey towards healing and well-being. Light and uplifting colors infused the brand with a sense of warmth and optimism, setting it apart from conventional medical aesthetics.

The outcome was a revitalized branding identity that resonated with both existing and prospective clients, reinforcing the clinic’s reputation for personalized and compassionate care. The updated branding positioned St. James Physical Therapy as a trusted partner in promoting holistic wellness and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives free from pain.

Sunset Blaze


Midnight Slate


Clouded Pearl



“Open Sans” sans-serif

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