The Project

Overview & Concept

For the Davi Stavdesign Construction project, our goal was to reimagine corporate branding with a creative twist on construction and design while maintaining a strong professional feel and clean aesthetic. The concept aimed to infuse construction and design elements into the branding, conveying a sense of innovation and expertise. 

This approach would be applied across various platforms, including a new website design, corporate branding materials, and an Automotive wrap.


Davi Stavdesign Construction


360 Branding


Logo, Colors, Fonts, Website, Van design, and shoot of projects



Davistav Design


I chose Vermilion, Gunmetal Blue, and Charcoal Blue for Saleshero’s branding to reflect its values and mission. Vermilion represents energy and action, reflecting Saleshero’s dynamic approach. Gunmetal Blue symbolizes professionalism and trustworthiness, showcasing the company’s reliability. Charcoal Blue adds sophistication, highlighting Saleshero’s expertise. Together, these colors create a cohesive palette that resonates with the target audience, reinforcing the brand identity.

Golden Honey


Shadow Charcoal


Silver Mist



Alegreya Sans Bold 700

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Roboto Regular 400

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