The Project

Overview & Concept

Saleshero specialize in guiding startups to craft effective business strategies that firmly establish their products in the market. Their tailored coaching extends to founders and business teams in larger companies, empowering them to discover and leverage their unique strengths. At SalesHero, they value individuality and reject the ruthless predator mentality, focusing on a collaborative and authentic approach. They are redefining the sales experience, making it enjoyable and proving that achieving business results can be both effective and fun, without the need for drastic personality changes.

The core concept revolves around demonstrating that with Hyster products, no task is too challenging. “Unlimited Abilities” highlights the versatility and adaptability of their equipment, emphasizing users’ capability to move anything effortlessly in any direction. This imaginative approach not only communicates the technical prowess of Hyster products but also adds a playful and visually dynamic element to the brand message.



360 Branding


Logo, Colors, Fonts, Website, Social Imagery, & Branding shooting





I chose Vermilion, Gunmetal Blue, and Charcoal Blue for Saleshero’s branding to reflect its values and mission. Vermilion represents energy and action, reflecting Saleshero’s dynamic approach. Gunmetal Blue symbolizes professionalism and trustworthiness, showcasing the company’s reliability. Charcoal Blue adds sophistication, highlighting Saleshero’s expertise. Together, these colors create a cohesive palette that resonates with the target audience, reinforcing the brand identity.



Gunmetal Blue


Charcoal Blue



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