The Project

Overview & Concept

Zeroturnaround, under my leadership as head of creative for four years, positioned itself as the “cool” tech company, renowned for its innovative and fun approach to promoting its Java solution tool, JRebel. Our strategy revolved around creating creative and engaging concepts that captured the attention of our target audience and showcased the benefits of our product. 

Our presence at conferences, including JavaOne (now “CodeOne”), was a cornerstone of our marketing efforts, where we hosted large booths, sponsored happy hour events, and highlighted our company session speakers.




Creative concepts for conferences and marketing


Corporate Identity facelift, conference design/idea making, marketing materials & creative concepts




Execution & Outcome

Our creativity extended beyond marketing initiatives and permeated throughout the company’s culture. We organized company-branded release parties, hosted conferences, facilitated team-building activities, and much more. This approach not only strengthened our brand internally but also fostered a vibrant and dynamic work environment. As a result, Zeroturnaround became known not only for its innovative product but also for its unique and engaging company culture, contributing to our continued success and recognition in the tech industry.

Meadow Green


Midnight Slate


Clouded Pearl


Logo facelift

Happy Client