The Project

Overview & Concept

The mission was to create a compelling campaign spotlighting the unique benefits of owning a Toyota Auris. With creative freedom, we executed the innovative “Unleavable Comfort” initiative, emphasizing the unparalleled comfort the vehicle provides.

In this campaign, we redefine conventional car ownership. Toyota Auris owners seamlessly integrate their cars into daily life, accomplishing routine tasks without leaving the comfort of their vehicles. Whether it’s morning coffee routines with friends or walking the dog, every scenario exemplifies the extraordinary comfort offered by the Toyota Auris.




Toyota Auris “Unleavable Comfort”


Concept/ Idea, Print Ads & Commercial


Execution & Outcome

Bringing our vision to life, we seamlessly integrated the “Unleavable Comfort” concept into a cost-effective, multi-platform campaign spanning TV and print media. Leveraging relationships with photographer and director friends due to budget constraints, our collaborative efforts resulted in the impactful “Unleavable Comfort” campaign. Effectively communicating the Toyota Auris’ unique selling points, it emphasizes unparalleled comfort and resonates strongly with the target audience.