The Project

Overview & Concept

For the celebration of Wustenrot’s 100th anniversary, our mission was to encapsulate the rich history of the company and its enduring commitment to customer service. The challenge was to devise a creative approach that vividly illustrated the company’s journey over the past century. Introducing the concept of “Generations,” the idea focused on showcasing the enduring relationships between Wustenrot representatives and their clients throughout the decades.

The “Generations” concept delved into the evolution of Wustenrot representatives working seamlessly with customers over the company’s 100-year legacy. It aimed to capture the essence of the enduring bond, loyalty, and reliable service that Wustenrot has provided throughout its existence.




Wustenrot “Generations”


Concept/ Idea, Print Ads, Billboards & Commercial


Execution & Outcome

Taking the “Generations” concept from ideation to implementation, we crafted a comprehensive campaign that spanned across various mediums. The client’s satisfaction with the concept fueled our dedication to pushing its boundaries across TV, billboards, print ads, and online platforms.