The Project

Overview & Concept

MicroProfile, an open-source project, sought to enhance its visual identity and establish a cohesive brand presence within the community. The concept aimed to create a comprehensive branding package that reflected the project’s values of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity.

This involved developing a new logo, defining a color palette, designing branded swag, creating a comprehensive brand manual, and revamping the website.




360 Branding


This included developing a new logo, defining a vibrant color palette, designing branded swag items, creating visually appealing report templates, crafting a detailed brand manual, and revamping the project’s website.




Execution & Outcome

The execution of the project involved dedicated effort and collaboration with the MicroProfile community. The new logo was meticulously designed to symbolize the project’s progressive nature and commitment to advancing technology. A dynamic color palette was carefully chosen to evoke energy and creativity. Branded swag items were crafted to foster a sense of belonging and pride among community members. Visually appealing report templates were created to enhance communication and documentation efforts. Additionally, a comprehensive brand manual was developed to ensure consistency in brand representation across all channels. The website was redesigned to provide a user-friendly experience and showcase the project’s mission and achievements effectively.

Despite being an unpaid endeavor, this project served as a valuable contribution to the MicroProfile community, strengthening its brand identity and positioning it for continued growth and success in the open-source ecosystem.

Sunset Gold


Midnight Blue


White Smoke